Hello I’m Senta,

I am student, teacher, coach, captain and much more. Surrounded by the breathtaking nature of my home in Flims, I feel most alive when I’m outside. You can meet me on tours with skis or hiking boots, doing cross country skiing, climbing or mountain biking. I’m interested in both the medicinal plants of our home region as well as in traditional healing practices from the far east. 


The holistic approach in live is very important for me. Being in balance or getting into your balance is a big goal to achieve. There is not only healthy nutrition, herbs, but most important the mental aspect which matters. Me as a Coach bringing everything together what I did before. I bring in my business studies as well as the part of  Yoga, Breathwork and much more. Yoga has been part of my life since my early 20ies. In the beginning, it was a counterbalance to my everyday life with studies and work. But over time, the background and philosophy around the asanas took more and more of my interest. Since my journey to India and my 200hrs teacher training, I am blown away and deeply touched by Yoga. For me, Yoga and Meditation are a lifestyle and they are able to influence every part of life. So I will happily stay a student for a long time. 

I finished my studies as Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach 2021. What impresses me most is how it is possible to live with our nature and surroundings in balance? This question has fascinated me for a long time. I am producing my own little helpers for everyday life at home such as pasted and aromatic oils.

Please contact me if you are interested in Coaching or a Yoga lesson with me or if you just want to get in contact with me. Send me an Email or check out my profile on Youtube, Instagram or Facebook.


My Yogastile is both influenced by Hatha and Yin. I am also very interested in Women’s Health Yoga. My lessons are always inspired by Yin Yoga, and every energetic and forceful Evening Hatha Class is ending with a little Yin sequence to enable you to go home relaxed. In my opinion, a Yoga lesson should be energetic in the morning and calming in the evening. Therefore, my morning lessons are much more flowy than the lessons in the evening.


2020/2021 Ayurveda Lifestyle Coach Ausbildung with Dr. Janna Scharfenberg

2020/2021 Herbalism course online with Valerie Jarolim, Herbal pedagogue

2020/2021 Womb Sciences Immersion, Womben Wellness with Usha Anandi

2020 Women’s Health Yoga Workshop, Zürich, by Sofia Araujo

2020 60hrs Yin Yoga Teacher Training Online, Swara Yoga School (Yoga Alliance)

2019 200hrs Yoga Teacher Training by Yogada, Shivpuri India (Yoga Alliance)

2018 Executive Master in Business Administration/Digital Transformation

2017 MAS Business Administration

2014/2015 Education for skipatrol with avalanche blasting approval

2010 certified tourism specialist and marketing specialist


I am happy to help you on your journey. If it’s with Yoga, Coaching or Meditation, we will find out what you need and what you want. I’m happy to get to know you.